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FACT: Insurance Policies are documents written by attorneys, for attorneys. Businesses must realize that these documents are very carefully worded legal contracts that either add or take away coverage. They are most certainly NOT holistic risk transfer devices as they are sold today.

Risk can be transferred, eliminated, assumed or minimized. Choosing the standard insurance policy from the typical traditional insurance agency for the lowest price is a poor method for your true protection from risk.

Mine Sweeper™ is our unique program created to lead and consult businesses to holistic risk protection.

To date, we have identified and helped our clients transfer over $500 million dollars of unknown self-insured exposures. That’s $500,000,000 to be exact.

How many millions of dollars can your company afford to self-insure?

Southern Risk’s comprehensive and detailed Minesweeper process exposed millions of dollars of uninsured risks in our policy – a policy we have had for many years. Frankly, I sleep better at night knowing EXACTLY where we stand regarding our business risks.
Willy E. Stewart – CEO Stewart Engineering, PE