Over $500 Million Dollars…

Blog / February 28, 2014

RhinoOur unique process has passed a major milestone. Mine Sweeper has identified and exposed over $500,000,000 worth of hidden and unknown self-insured exposures. Which million dollars can your company afford to pay? How many of those unknown exposures exist in your current program? Scary thoughts, huh? Let’s think about this together for just a minute. You are in business to make widgets. You are dang good at it too…self-made you might add. It has taken you 12 years to grow from nothing to the successful company that you are today. As a matter of fact you have had the same insurance agent for the entire time “protecting” your business all while taking you to lunch several times a year to boot. One day, a pack of wild Rhinos runs through your parking lot, runs over the beautifully landscaped boxwood bushes, runs through your plate glass front lobby, runs over your million dollar precision machinery, and right out the back sheet metal wall. You call your agent to turn in this massive damage as a claim that you need coverage for. That’s when you find out on page 303 of your policy three ring binder that “Rhino” damage is specifically excluded from coverage. You asked for “apples to apples” when you wanted quotes from Larry, Moe, and Curly and that’s what you got. Do you think at that moment you are going to feel pleasure or pain? Why leave it to chance? Let us wake you from the insurance slumber that you are in today. Just Experience the Difference that we have to offer. It will change your business risk climate forever.

Jesse Dantice

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