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CSIC – Certified Silverback Insurance Counselors

CSIC’s have taken a formal oath committing themselves to becoming some of the greatest risk and insurance consultants in the world. It is a promise to protect and serve each and every business as if it were owned and operated by our own Mama.

CSIC’s will have completed three years of hard work and dedication to this rigorous training program before earning the designation and unique signet ring used to seal and guarantee their work.

We truly are the 800-pound gorillas on behalf of our clients.

Insurance is one of the hardest aspects of running any business.  Unless you are an expert at understanding insurance you have to put your trust into that one person who is presenting the facts. Those facts are not always good…. I had unknown exposures for at least ten years until I switched to Southern Risk Insurance.  Thank you for putting the trust back into insurance!  Vickie Phillips – Vice President Phillips Recoveries & ACE Environmental

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